7 Tips To Accelerate Publication Of Your Manuscript

It is possible to accelerate the publication of your research manuscript with online open access journals or online publishing groups using only a few strategies. The first is having proper and early preparation including planning for the figures and the writing process, selecting the best international open access journals for research and communicating regularly with the people concerned.
Here are a few tips that can help.  
1.Designing of experiments with publication in mind
Having key experiments designed and appropriate or relevant data collected beforehand and in time, helps avoid wasting time repeating your work to obtain data that is complete and presentable.
2.Write the work early
You can start writing some sections of the paper early enough even without having designed experiments. Examples of the research sections to start writing early include the background, introduction and literature review since they rely on past data and information.
3.Write clearly
Failing to write clearly for international open access journals may prolong the period of publication especially because the reviewers and editors will need to spend more time figuring out what you are saying and correcting the work. Most online scientific journals will also have an automatic negative attitude against the work if it is not clear. You need to understand all the content clearly in order to write clearly.
Many times, non-native English speakers struggle with making statements clear but then again, some online open access journals and online publishing groups can help. You can also deal with this by researching for editing tips and leverage internet resources to edit the work.
4.Take advantage of reference formatting software
You might have to take more time to learn how to manually format references and do citations in research. However, you can take advantage of software known as Reference Managers to format your references automatically and quickly. Many of these are freely available online. An example is the Zotero software. Some international open access journals and online scientific journals can refer you to some.
5.Know when to submit the work
If there is a large amount of data to deal with, you might need to split the work into two stories, submit the first one for publication, and then continue running experiments. This can expedite publication of earlier studies before finishing the later ones.
6. Consider pre-publication peer review
Peerage of Science and Axios are some of the resources you can take advantage of in order to do a preview of the work before submission. Getting this type of feedback can help you shorten the time it takes before publication by international open access journals because you will revise the work and other editors will spend lesser time reviewing it. You should also take advantage of other strategies such as using editing templates and research paper template.   
7. Work with the right journal
Choosing the right online scientific journal or online open access journals according to the scope of your work can increase chances of acceptance. You can select one by thorough reviewing of your reference list, browsing websites and reviewing tables of contents. You can also use third party services such as use JournalGuide or talk to other researchers to help identify more journals that are more relevant and have quicker turn arounds.
Some online open access journals and publishers have better and quicker process of decision-making and fewer publication procedures. In fact, some advertise themselves as promoting quicker publishing. Older and experienced journals might be the best to work with.