All That You Want To Know On Choosing A Right Open Access Publishing Journal Website

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Sharing of knowledge on an open platform always puts forward limitless possibilities, most of them being positive for both authors as well as readers. Some open access journals like MedCrave Publishing group operates for good reasons whereas rest are just intended to make money without any scholarship involved.

The sole purpose of these predatory publishers does not end at luring you for money only, they also make you lose your control over the scholarship as well. Once your hard work falls into their dirty hands, it becomes impossible to re-submit that to any legitimate publisher as it becomes plagiarised already.

Also, due to lack of funds, some publishers just do not put stress upon peer review and accept the paper without giving any close glance at it through strong panels of experts. It ultimately results in the placement of immature and false information in the website thereby misleading the readers going through it.

But it does not mean that all open access providing e-book websites are like this. However, people do not give a second thought before blaming any website without giving a personal attempt. In this regard, Medcrave predatory publisher rumors are many but the website is still having its place maintained inside the heart of readers because of its unmatched service of providing quality scientific research information to the readers in plenty amount.

Therefore, it is important that you learn the act of spotting such journals in advance so that your time and energy both will be saved.

Here are few tips those are worth acknowledging;

1. If you get across any open source platform claiming fees to submit your journals instead of publish it, then do not trust that very easily.

2. Also, if it asks for copyright to author’s work, then also stay away from it.

3. Always look for the members of the editorial board, if it is small, and then give it a pass. This is because, small member group indicates that the peer review process is not so strong and there is a fair chance for the information not to be legitimate.

4. Some dishonest publishers try to expand their database overnight by publishing large number of journals all at one time. It is highly unlike for any author and therefore can be easily filtered out to be fake journals.

5. Now, another quick way to judge is by looking for the way of professionalism the website is holding up to. If it lacks a proper website or a secure portal, then do not waste your time.

6. Always look for reviews of the publisher on other platforms. But, it is not like all reviews those you witness are true. There are lot of rumors about Medcrave Predatory Publisher but hardly any one of them is true.

7. Now, if a publishing portal is not a premium one and lacks quality then you can easily witness multiple fundamental errors in the titles and abstracts.

Now, it is up to you how you make the best use of the above listed tips.