Auto Repairs Including Your Car’s Battery and Alternator

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Thanks to the advancement of modern-day technology auto electrical repairing job has become much more improved and complicated than it used to be a few decades ago, but the core design and working mechanism is still the same. Whether there is a minor fault in your car’s electrical system of a complete break-down, you would first need to be checking the two main parts – the Battery and the Alternator.

In this post, we’ll talk about the car’s battery and alternator the constitute the heart of your car’s electrical system. If you are currently looking for a good auto electrician in Gauteng, you may consider Classic Auto Mechanics for an exceptional service at a reasonable price.


The battery of your car is the storage unit that is used to start the engine of the vehicle. The battery consists of six cells each producing 2.1 volts making the total energy of the battery 12.6 volts. The total stored energy of the battery is used to activate and control the electrical accessories installed in your vehicle.

Every time there is a sign of charging or starting system breakdown, the very first check to be done is a voltage and visual test of the battery. Studying the condition of the battery is important and the role of an auto electrician becomes vital on certain occasions.


The alternator produces the electricity required by the battery to preserve the storage charge. The alternator of every vehicle generates an alternating current that is converted to 12 volt direct current by means of the diode bridge or the rectifiers.

When there’s a symptom of fault or breakdown, all simple circuits need to be checked first. That will ease and fasten the troubleshooting process. Calling an auto electrician is highly recommended. If you’re in Gauteng, you can avail the best auto electrical services Gauteng only at Classic Auto Mechanics.