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In this dynamic economic and fast-moving market structure, it has become very much imperative to have a handy solution that solves all your issues relating to channelizing your products or services in the market. Advertising or marketing is the exercise of an organization related to purchasing and offering an item or service. It incorporates promoting, offering and conveying items to individuals. Individuals who work in promoting bureaus of organizations attempt to get the consideration of target gatherings of people by utilizing mottos, bundling plan, superstar supports and general media presentation.

The beauty industry is no far away and the craze of marketing has similarly affected this industry. Beauty experts and their salons ate finding it quite profitable in undertaking this mechanism and thereby resorting to salon marketing, medical spa marketing, medi-spa marketing etc.

Many marketing solutions are coming up with standardized as well as customized answers for the marketing needs of beauty professionals. They have been playing the role of a bridge between the beauty industry and the existing as well as prospective clients thereby aiding in building up their business on a strong foundation of the client base.

Attributes of beauty industry marketing channels

·         Online booking of appointments – One can enable his/her clients to book appointments on the web. Appointments can be booked via SMS and confirmation is also sent likewise. One can even choose the dates, time slots and desired services through the platforms and get necessary details before booking for an appointment.

·         Feedback from customers – The customers are given the opportunity to rate and review the services and accordingly one can decide whether the marketing set up has been able to generate clients for the business.

·         Email Marketing – E-mail marketing is one of the fastest ways to reach out to prospective clients. Through emails, one can advertise about the services being offered by the along with any new offerings or packages and available discounts and other offers. Moreover, through emails, you can thank your clients for the services availed by them and also send greetings to them.

·         SMS/Text Marketing – This is just like email marketing where you can get in regular touch with your clients through SMS and text messages. Cheap yet effective means of marketing.

The salon marketing software comes up with exclusive startup and executive packages for gearing up the marketing automation for the wellness center. The marketing automation process is successful and is an inevitable process in taking your beauty business to the next level.