A beginner should demo trade for at least six months

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Being a beginner is difficult because you enter the market with the scratch of knowledge. But developing to become a profitable Forex trader requires dedication and interest. There are successful Singaporean traders who have started their journey as a beginner but were able to succeed in the market. They have demo traded the market to improve their trading through demo trading they were able to correct their mistakes by risking nothing. So, when we consider your current situation it might be hard for you to trade the market without the proper practice. When you demo trade you will be able to lean the ways to trade without losing anything. There are no successful people who have achieved the success without facing failure so you should understand the failure is the first step towards the success. If you consider the Forex market it is a competitive market with higher risks so the naïve traders will not be able to handle the risks without learning the ways to do it. If you use the demo accounts you will be able to try out new strategies and techniques without losing the money in the market. The main factor which the naïve traders lack is that they do not know the basic of the market. So, when you enter the market you should know the basic of it as it is the basement for the success.    Too much of information  We know that with the technological advancement the information provided for the traders also have increased immensely. There are many Forex websites so if you are trying to obtain information from all the websites you might get confused so stick to reliable websites so then you do not have to deal with too much of information. Most of the naïve traders are misguided due to having to deal with too much of information. If you can obtain the support from a successful broker like the Saxo you will be able to get essential information to trade and they offer the demo trading account to make it easy for you. Moreover, you should not take decisions without taking the time to ****yze it.     You should try to get well-versed with the trading strategy  Most of the naïve traders trade the market without knowing the strategies. They have the slight knowledge in many strategies but it is not enough or it is not the right method to trade the market.  You should have the complete knowledge in trading strategies so then you will be able to trade successfully. As naïve traders, you will be able to try out new strategies in the demo accounts because you wouldn't lose anything from it. You should practice more and more so you can become expertized in it.    You are just a beginner  You are just a beginner you should not forget the fact so you should accept that you will face losses and profits as well. You should take tiny steps towards the success rather taking huge steps.    You can learn the art of trading in a number of different ways but this doesn’t mean that you will have trade with real money. Many retail traders have lost their entire trading deposit due to their lack of trading knowledge. Those who are completely new in the forex trading industry should never risk any amount which they can’t afford to lose. Just look at the professional traders at Saxo then you will have clear understanding how this market really works. Enlighten your trading knowledge so that you can avoid the false trading signals. Instead of using tons of indicators start using the price action trading signal so that you don’t have to lose real money in the false trade setup. It’s true that you will often face losing trades even after doing all the math correct. But consider your losing trades as a part of your trading career.