Best tools for wet shave

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The strong *** of human kind have been shaving their beard for a very long time. This tradition takes place in ancient world. Fashion changed since that time, as well as styling tools that was used to shave and trim a facial hair.  First, they were primitive and barbaric, with hot embers and sharpened stones. The invention of razors and blades allowed to improve the quality of shaving itself, and make it much easier and safer.

Wet shaving is the most masculine thing you can do in your life. Clean shaven look is for real men. This procedure requires patience, accuracy and skills. The quality of tools you use also plays a very important rule. Today, our professionals at barber shop in midtown offer you top 3 essential tools for wet shaving.


# 1 A Razor

Yeah, as you can guess, razor is the most important thing in shaving routine. There are two main types of it: straight razor and safety one. Both of them have some advantages and disadvantage you need to experience by your own in order to find what is better for you. Those guys who love classic retro style and extreme close shaving would be better to choose a straight razor, those who prefer easy gliding and simplicity, go for safety one.


# 2 A Brush

It is used to mix a shaving soap or cream with water, creating a fine lathering. It can be made of different materials, natural or synthetic ones. Of course, organic brushes are much better for your face, but they are pretty expensive. Modern manufacturers offer you lots of extraordinary designs, so it is up to you to choose.


# 3 Aftercare products

Don’t you think that brush and razor is all you need in order to get a perfect wet shaving? It is so wrong! You should never ever forget about aftercare products. Moisturizing, nourishing and protection are the main properties you have to look for, buying a cream or lotion for your skin.


Keep our tips in mind and go for wet shaving with confidence. Chose only the best tools and enjoy the result.