Braun CoolTec Electric shaver

This time, Braun thought of an astonishing touchy skin authority that contains TEC (Thermo Electric Cooling) innovation.

The Braun CoolTec is a Wet&Dry electric shaver which regards utilize either under the shower or on dry skin. It is 100% waterproof, so you can wash it in water to wipe it out.

The interesting element about this shaver is the Cooling Technology. This innovation highlights for the touchy skins. The electric shaver will keep your skin cool while shaving, so you don’t need to stress leaving your washroom with a reddening red face. This element additionally keeps the aggravation while shaving. This component limits the consuming and redness while shaving.

SensoBlade innovation is acquainted in this shaver with catch the hairs which develop in various bearings. The battery reinforcement of this best electric shaver is 45 minutes and it takes 1 hour to get completely charged. Nonetheless, in the event that you will utilize the cooling highlight, the battery reinforcement will be of 15 minutes on 1 full charge. You can turn the Cooling highlight on or off with a solitary catch.

I simply would prefer not to prescribe you to utilize this electric shaver with gels and froths in view of the CoolTec capacity of this best electric shaver. This element is contrary with the outer cooling liquids.

Generally speaking, Braun CoolTec is a one of a kind electric shaver which is extraordinary in plan and ease. Contrasting of cost and different shavers in our rundown, it is nothing. The stunning CoolTec innovation makes it an awesome shaver for individuals with delicate skin. The main drawback I found in this shaver is the short battery life.


    TEC innovation

    Sensitive Skin Friendly

    It’s great looking Design

    Wet and Dry Electric shave.


    Battery utilization while utilizing Cooling Feature