Cancelo hopes Valencia not to buy cheap fifa 17

According to gameshop4u news, the first signing Barcelona has been exposed in next summer's transfer window, that is Valencia full-back Cancelo. More information is on where you can buy cheap fifa 17 coins.

gameshop4u said Cancelo will be a member of Barcelona in summer transfer window next year, but Barcelona will not open the deal until the end of the season. Cancelo will sign with Barcelona for fifa 17 ps3 coins . The two sides negotiated on the transfer for weeks. But Barcelona made it clear that they will not act now. Ultimately, they finalize next summer transfer to sign a five-year contract.

Cancelo hopes Valencia not to sell him in the winter, and he did not want to join other teams. Chelsea and Bayern are interested in him, but he has made up his mind to join Barcelona. Now, he just wants to help Valencia through this difficult season.

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