Causes for Acne and Acne/pimple cure in madurai

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Good Morning Young Ladies and Young Men,   Oh! why am I saying, young ladies and young men? There is a reason. We are going to discuss a major problem that occurs in the period of puberty. And then, People of teenage will worry about this problem very much. So, this article is going to be an important one for the people of teenage. We are going to discuss what is an acne, what are the causes of acne and details about Acne/pimple cure in Madurai.   Now, Imagine a beautiful girl (All girls are beautiful in their way) is going to a college and doing her blah blah course. If she is getting a pimple on her face, then what she will do? She will try home remedies and cosmetics which are best for a curing pimple. But mentally she will be very depressed to get out of her home with this irritating pimple. Sometimes this pimple will also give you a pain that spoils your daily work and concentration on lessons in a college. Some Acne will leave scar marks on their faces. This will be the saddest thing for people of teenage. First, we can go with causes of this Acne.   An Acne is mainly developed on a skin that is a chronic and inflammatory condition. This Acne will appear mostly on faces and sometimes we can have problems with Acne on shoulders, chest, neck, upper arms and back. There are different types of acne. It can be classified as Pimples, Whiteheads, Blackheads, nodules, and cysts. As I said in starting, mainly this pimple problem will occur only during puberty. People within the age of 11-25 were mostly affected by this problem. Sometimes, people of any age will get pimples on their faces.   We all know that our skin is made up of different types of glands. The changes in hormones during puberty period will cause changes in these glands.    First, If the sebaceous glands are active, then it is possible to get pimples.    The skin of a human will have pores that are connected with oil glands. These pores and glands are connected with follicles. Follicles are tiny tissues that secrete a liquid. Oil glands will produce oily liquid named as sebum. This sebum will carry dead cells through follicles to the surface of the skin. A tiny hair will grow from that pore of skin.   When these follicles are blocked, the pimple will develop under the skin. Some people will complain that "I used this particular brand of cosmetic and suddenly I got a pimple on my face". This is because that cosmetic will block follicle and pore so that a pimple will get developed.   Sebum, hair and skin cells are merged as a plug. This plug can be got infected because of some bacteria and can produce swelling results. Propionibacterium acnes is the main bacteria that take place in infecting and creating pimples.   So, Young Ladies and Young Men, We had a view about causes of Acne. I suggest Adithyan clinic as the best solution for Acne/pimple cure in Madurai. For further details, please visit website (