Cement ball mill lubrication and managing strategies

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At some cement factories, Ore Milling Equipment bearing is possible to be burned, which belongs to important accident. The main good reasons for it are foreign products getting into into bearing or the poor lubrication program. In some instances, it may cause injury to hollow shaft neck of bearing. After burning occurred, it needs over 10 hrs or even a few days to repair. In an effort to resolve cement mill bearing lubrication and management difficulties, men and women keep on researching sealing modes, set up technological innovation and lubrication measures to promise bearing working in very good problem. Right here, we consider 02.2mx6.5m cement mill for example, talk about the oil lubrication of bearing.

Generally,cement plants frequently choose dynamic pressure lubricating strategy, that is big I'll go over in this article. To start with, we should decide on good lubricating oil as well as additives, so that increase milling machinelubricating issue. The operate characteristics of cement mill bearing are huge overload and linear velocity, struggling from impact and vibrating; the dimension of bearing bush and hollow shaft is additionally huge, the improvement of shape, dimension, accuracy and smooth degree are effected by manufacturing problems. Hence, major bearings never guarantee complete liquid lubrication, but in boundary lubrication conditions. Outstanding boundary lubrication (dependant upon the functionality and power of boundary film) can drastically minimize the coefficient of friction, lower bearing wear. So, according to temperature, linear velocity of hollow shaft, and most important bearing overload, we can make a favorable alternative to lubricating oil form. In south China, as for this style cement mill, we will select N220 and 0320 industrial gear oil in winter and summertime respectively. Over the other hand, as a result of discharging port temperature is higher than that of feeding mouth, we may get it into consideration that high viscosity oil can be chosen as lubricating oil for bearing in the finish of discharging port.

Secondly, determined by common use period, we should really include or substitute lubricating oil at standard time and right volume. Aside from, lubrication oil management and waste oil recycling can be a significant do the job.

Thirdly, we should really establish an ideal cement mill check system. Cement mill employee shall test most important bearing temperature, oil excellent and oil sum frequently. Particularly when it involves abnormal oil temperature, the worker is suggested increase check out frequency. He should really report in no 2nd once uncovered machine abnormal.

To a big lengthen, cement mill malfunction is brought about by no appropriate lubricating of primary bearing. As cement machine develops to the direction of big scale and automatic, it can be necessary for making out a thoughtful predictive upkeep strategy.