Choosing Summer Camps in New England

The choice of summer camps in New England for your children can have a profound impact on more than just their summer activities. The right camp can fuel your children with a permanent love of new activities, growth in current passions and life-long friendships. The decision of which camp or camps to send your kids to does not have to be that daunting. By looking at the types of activities offered for their age groups and the setting for the camp you can narrow your choice to the best fit fairly easily. To get an idea of the programs and sessions available, click here.




Since every kid is unique, the schedule that you make for him or her at a summer camp should reflect that uniqueness. This can be good way to narrow your options for summer camps in New England down as well. For instance, if your child likes outdoor watersports, then scheduling them for a camp with a variety of these activities will be more fun for them. Some other activities you can choose from include visual arts, performance arts and outdoor sports. You can even sign up for activities such as hiking, canoeing or rock climbing. This can allow you to tailor your child’s experience according to his or her likes and dislikes. You can even add in activities which are new to your child to broaden her or his horizons and introduce them to a new passion. This can also be a good way to narrow down your summer camp options because you can eliminate any from your list which do not offer the activities your kid will enjoy the most.




Many camps will have their sessions and activities available for specific age ranges. This can help you determine which camp to send each child to and whether they are able to go at the same time. You can also see which activities are only available for older or younger children to help ensure that they have a safe and fun time. Most camps will start with children as young as seven and then invite kids 16 and older back to be counselors for younger campers. If you have teens who have gone to the same camp for several years, then enrolling them as counselors can help them gain employment and experience for college and job applications in the future.




Once you know which camps offer the activities your child is the most interested in. It is time to look at the sessions available. This can help you narrow down not only the “where” but also the “when” of summer camp. Most camps will have their sessions and availability listen on their websites and you can even book a spot months in advance.


Finding the right summer camps in New England for your children can be as easy as narrowing the list of possibilities down by the activities available, the ages served and the timing of the sessions. You can find camps perfect for your children based on their ages and the activities they want to experience while at camp. Your older children can even go to camp as counselors and experience a different side of camp.