Common Web Design Mistakes That Negatively Affect SEO

Web design has become more important than ever before. More and more businesses jostle for prominence in an online market that is growing more competitive by the day. Many businesses in Surrey make it a point to hire an SEO company in Surrey in order to fulfil their web designing requirements.

However, SEO in Surrey does not always work out according to plan. Designers are humans too, and are prone to mistakes just like the rest of us. Initially, these mistakes may seem to be minor. But in time, these minor mistakes can develop into something major, and really affect a business’ potential in the long run.

Let’s take a look at these mistakes in closer detail.

Too Many Words

Content development is one of the most essential areas of SEO in Surrey. Sometimes however, content writers go overboard with their use of words. While it’s all well and good to have quality content on a web page, the quantity should be kept in check. Most modern day internet users are impatient, and they won’t be impressed with huge write-ups, even if they are of immaculate quality.

Cluttered Pages

Of course, it is very important to keep the graphical aspect of the website in mind during the web design process. But as with content, designers often overdo the graphics. As a result, you have web pages that look incredibly cluttered, which are instant turn-offs. Users are likely to feel lost, and they would be very quick in looking for an alternative website.

Generic Content

You can’t expect your website to stand out if its content is too similar to that of your competitors’. Ultimately, what people really like is uniqueness, and if your content is stale, most people will not return to your website. Modern day content developers are expected to conjure up fresh write-ups that offer fresh perspectives to end-users. The content should also be dynamic, and should be updated whenever necessary.

Too Much Audio and Video

There are many websites that start playing music or a video as soon as you enter their home page. While some web designers see this as a way of gaining more customers, ideally a good Web design Surrey would steer clear of such design practices. It’s alright to add spice to your website, but an audio clip or a video is nothing more than a distraction to the visitor. If there’s just too much multimedia, most visitors would think you are trying too hard to sell, and you don’t want them to think of you that way, do you?

Small Fonts

The fonts used should be such that they are easily readable, even from a distance. Unfortunately, not all web pages conform to this rule. Of course, it is not compulsory, but just think about it; would you like to go through a web page with small fonts? It becomes especially troublesome if small fonts are combined with an overload of words. Even till a few years ago, this would not have been a problem. However, with ever-decreasing screen sizes, you need to ensure that your content is readable.

Smarter web design usually results in more success. Stay away from these common mistakes and see the results yourself.