Construction Apps For Android

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ZAAR is the world’s one-of-a kind construction app for all the field teams. Our creative software app which connects with your field team and assigns actionable project tasks. It allows stake-holders to identify what each team member is doing, sends reminders of tasks, and updates task status.


Daily Report Tool

Construction Daily Report Manager highlight is more than your field notes. You will be using friendly and powerful software that will allow workers to input logs each and every day. Our Construction Daily Reporting App is not just limited to tracking labor, materials, communication, equipment and job site happenings.


Plan Viewing

This plan viewing enables worker to benefit from the latest info updated. You will be able to access the entire plan quickly and directly using your mobile or tablet.

  • The construction management app offers you the blueprint management solutions- simple to view, edit and share drawings.

  • Adjust your blueprints to showcase them rapidly in mobile devices at high resolution.

  • Effortless sheet version management.

  • Hyper linking - extract plan sheet names spontaneously.

  • Allows navigation of call outs at the construction blueprint set.


Project Monitor

Proper construction management needs superior project monitoring, that is why our software lets users track, assign, report and monitor all project activities throughout from inception to completion of a project.


Expense Management

Track cost management information to users from the remote locations. Furthermore, update, modify and ****yze the project expenses efficiently.

  • Save the everyday expenses and accounts to resources.

  • Manage your expense of each projects and its supplied information.


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