Contribution of Hotel Interior Design to Influences Guest

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A hotel interior designer is trained professionally in creating a more quality and functional interior environment. They are qualified through their experience, education, and examination. They can research, identify and resolve issues creatively and lead to a comfortable, healthy and safe physical environment. Some of the famous interior designers have done many decorative designs with various fabric, paint and different materials. In addition to creating an enhancement to the overall environment, hotel interior designers create spaces that are safe, functional, and efficient. There is much expertise that a professional residential interior designer commands and these are:

  • Space planning and utilization, including organizational and storage needs
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety and accessibility
  • Various building codes (National, state and local)
  • Historic restoration
  • Conservation of the green design
  • The special design for people
  • Selection of flooring materials, plumbing fixtures, and appliances.
  • Custom design of furniture, accessories, and drapery
  • Acoustics and sound transmission
  • Communication technology and audiovisual
  • Construction documents and specifications

What is the importance contribution of hotel interior designers have done?

In this aspect, I will be bold in stating the importance of hotel interior designers and how they have contributed to the improvement of lives. The number one objective of most hotel interior designers is to customized comfort. This goes beyond the visual aspects such as color, space, and the lighting. This is addressed in by exceptional interior designs. This includes the sense of touch, hearing, and smell. The engaging of all these sense organs brings a harmony in a space that can be achieved.

 The Visual aspect of interior design

Interior design is generally about visual. When we see designed interiors in magazines and on TV, the primary element is color, which impresses on us. This creates an impression on us and affects our psychology with color. In interior designing, one thing that affects how we see colors and respond to them is based on the quality of lighting. Another important element that affects hotel design is the issue of space. If space is ample or tight, it affects how we feel regarding such space. This isn’t merely the space between walls, but space from the ceiling down to the floor, space between structural elements and furniture pieces. This contributes the overall impression we get from space.

Beauty & Harmony: Another important element, which many hotel interior designers are a beauty. According to them, beauty is something that is subjective because what might be hideous to one may be different for another. Harmony, on the other hand, is all about setting aside the technicality of different acoustic designs.


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Lucky Fred looks at how hotel interior designers integrate various elements in interior designing. Finally, she talked about how best interior designers in India have done many decorative designs with various fabric, paint, and different materials