Convert your photos, pictures into sketch using sketch master app.

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If you want to make simple yet stunning sketches of your pictures, then Sketch Master - Cartoon Art is the app for you. A versatile and all-in-one app with many delightful filters, Sketch Master is fun and artsy at the same time. It has a huge collection of various master filters like oil painting, movie style, etc. to make your photos pop out.

The app is full of features. Not only is the interface straightforward and beautiful, it is also very easy to use. Adding pictures to the app can be done by just a click of a button. Just touch the option to select pictures, and you will be taken to the Gallery. You can also directly share photos to this app through your Gallery. If you do not want to use pre-clicked images, the app also has an option of clicking images directly using your phone camera. These two options make adding photos to the app quick and easy so that you can quickly move onto editing.

The app is feature-rich and will keep you occupied for hours. You can make beautiful sketches and add various filters to your photos with ease. Once you are done, you can directly share your artwork on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. right from the app itself. No need to go through a long process and innumerable steps, just click Share in the app and share your pictures instantly.

Some of the most popular filters in the app are pop art sketch filters, cartoon filters, pencil sketches, cross-hatch effects, doodle effect, , half-tone effect, oil paint effects, etc. All of these are available in color as well as black and white options. Using these effects is extremely easy. Just add your photo and click on the effect name. You can also view the preview before applying any filter. Once you are done, save your image or share it instantly.

Other than filters, Sketch Master has simple and basic editing options that can help you make your pictures more interesting. It has a one-tap auto enhance mode that ****yzes and selects the best option for your photo. It also has many overlays, stickers, frames, layouts, etc. You can also adjust color balance, brightness your picture or your creation, contrast, saturation and color temperatures. It is also possible to crop the image, tilt shift it, rotate it and move it around right from the app itself.

The app also comes with features to sharpen or blur your images. Other than this, Sketch Master can also be used as a simple caption maker. Add text to your diagrams/ pictures or even make memes.

All in all, Sketch master is definitely an interesting app to have on your phone.