Differences between LASIK and PRK Eye Surgery - Lasik Vision Correction

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Apposite Patients

For the successful completion of any vision correction procedure, it is very important to determine if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure in the first place. Laser lasik eye surgery is not the panacea of every type of vision aberration. After a careful and detailed ****ysis by best lasik doctor, he could recommend a PRK LASIK over traditional lasik treatment. The two procedures differs a lot and the on the basis of the manipulation of retinal tissues.

An Eye Surgeon can recommend a laser eye surgery or PRK LASIK based on the following conditions-

·         Corneal fragility caused by previous corneal damage and/or scarring via injury, infection or age
·         Enhanced risk of dry eyes before the procedure or the patient suffering from dry eyes earlier 
·         Person engaged in jobs with a high risk of ocular injuries.
·         Thin corneal thickness which is inadequate for flap creation
·         Irregular corneal thickness, which can cause problems with LASIK procedure

Flap or No-Flap

The difference between PRK LASIK and LASIK all boils down to one point, the area around the cornea. The traditional LASIK procedure involves creating a small flap close to the corneal surface and then the underlying is reshaped with a laser beam. PRK which is an acronym for Photorefractive Keratectomy does not envisage creation of a flap, but a small portion of the corneal skin is removed painlessly, and the underlying tissues are restructured using a laser beam. The cover regenerates itself in a few days after PRK LASIK surgery. A contact lens is placed on the eye for a few days to allow new tissue to quickly grow back underneath it.

Recuperation Time

The recovery period involves taking Vitamin C and using Eye Drops. The results of the PRK LASIK surgery and the traditional LASIK surgery are almost the same when done under the watchful eyes of an experienced eye surgeon. Who has gained international fame and has performed more than 70000 LASIK procedures at the Manhattan Lasik Surgery.

The PRK LASIK surgery however takes a longer time to heal and full vision to be restored as compared to traditional LASIK surgery. Most PRK subjects are fit enough to do normal activities, like driving in a few days.

It must be remembered that both the surgery procedures are as good as the other provided you are examined by an Eye specialist and he is competent to give the best advice to you. The key factor, which decides which process to adopt, depends solely on the condition of the patient. Both LASIK vision correction procedures are viable options for patients who are fit candidates.

It is important to keep in mind that neither surgery is necessarily a "better" procedure than the other. The key factor in assessing whether traditional LASIK or PRK LASIK is appropriate is based on the individual patient. Both LASIK vision correction procedures are viable options for patients who are fit candidates.

To find out if your eyes are suitable for traditional or PRK LASIK eye surgery, contact lasik vision center today for a consultation: