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Ahmed Maher had a successful 9 years of corporate career at Vodafone Egypt. He founded the Vodafone's social media that so far has realized over 4 million followers on Facebook. In 2014, the 30-year-old Egyptian entrepreneur quit his job at Vodafone to pursue his dream and passion for publishing. Having mastered the nuts and bolts of digital marketing from close to a decade experience in his marketing career, he started his own digital publishing platform currently called 5111Digital Boom.'


Digital Boom Story


Maher started by taking baby steps to build a successful digital publishing platform. He started with a capital of USD 100 which involved the cost of the domain name and hosting. For some time, his platform remained a one-man show. However by early 2016, Maher brought on board several other expert contributors to publish content on his website on regular basis. The site was then able to generate traffic of 120K unique visitors with 12 experts including Amged Osman, Ahmed Hossam, Farah Sohail contributing content in various areas of the digital marketing field.


Currently, Digital Boom is a leading source of information for media, marketing, Vodafone Egypt social media and advertising professionals. Digital Boom delivers forward-thinking and insightful content to CMOs, media buyers, creatives, agency heads, content creators, and anyone interested in digital media information landscape in North Africa and Middle East region.


Serving Arab Digital Marketers


Maher had noticed that there was a gap in the digital marketing industry in Egypt and the rest of North Africa and the Middle East region. He noticed that despite the evolution and adoption of digital marketing in the region, there was no platform that highlighted the region's achievements and creative ideas.


The Idea of creating Digital Boom came from some inspiration by his friend Bassem El-Hady, founder of Kijamii back in 2014 who wanted to bring European sports clubs to the MENA region digitally. He then thought; why not create a similar platform that would bring together the digital marketers of MENA. This way, he would be able to highlight their successes and failures, and showcase best practices that can facilitate their campaigns, strategies and techniques.


Thus, he created Digital Boom to address the growing need among Arab digital marketers to access informative content to enable them to remain relevant and help brands reach their target market more effectively.


He realized that there are numerous foreign websites offering digital news, content and advertising in the region, but do not have an understanding of the Arab culture. As such, as much creative these international marketing campaigns are, they simply cannot reach the people on the ground because of cultural differences.


Mentorship was a critical success Factor


Maher is quick to point out that without a good mentor, Digital Boom could not have attained its current glory. He gives credit to Sara El-Khalil, a media consultant and trainer who helped him improve on content quality, gain more credibility and attract more traffic. Through El-Khalil's guidance, the site hosts diverse and informative content on creative campaigns, digital marketing case studies and knowledge base.


Maher further admits that credibility is significant success factor for the company. Unlike most publishing websites in the region that are focused on profits with minimal regard for ethics and culture, Digital Boom adheres to the ethics and culture of the region. This aspect has attracted more advertising and readership.