Dog Collar-Picking up the Right One for Your Dog

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Dog collars are an essential tool to help you communicate better with your dog as well as control their headstrong streak. It is vital to select the right one for your dog as the wrong piece can kill your dog. Click here now for more information about dog collars.

Like humans, even dogs have different sizes. Thus the dog collar needs to be of the right size for the dog and must make for a comfortable wear. Again, it should be adjustable to make room for minor adjustments. To get the right size, measure around a dog’s neck with a string and check out its length with a ruler.

It should ride around the middle of the dog’s neck and must be about two fingers lose but tight enough to not slip out.

Usually these collars are made of leather, nylon or hemp. If your dog does not chew, then nylon is the best material as it is washable and water resistant as well. Leather collars are more durable and comfortable and are awesome for especially long-haired dogs. Hemp collars are not only eco-friendly, but they are also hypo-allergic. Thus, they are highly recommended if your dog is sensitive to allergies.

There are numerous styles of collars also available. You can choose one that you and your dog love ultimately.