Down Syndrome and the Role of Occupational Therapy

When parents learn that their infant has down disorder, they can't resist the urge to feel devastated. To them, it may appear that their baby was conceived a lesser being as opposed to a sound darling. Seeing the physical manifestations of this genetic condition renders each parent restless with regards to raising a youngster who has it. Be that as it may, there's no need to despair. Many people with down disorder are solid. Some go to class, appreciate dons, and mingle. Be that as it may, some may require medical care for possible birth defects and other congenital issues.

According to the National Down Syndrome Society, one out of 733 children born in the United States, or around 400,000 Americans, has down disorder. This genetic disorder has an effect on the development and improvement of the child causing delays in his or her cognitive abilities. This is the place word related treatment for Down disorder comes in. Word related treatment experts enable people with Down disorder to wind up plainly free by showing them how to tend to oneself like sprucing up or eating, refining their coordination skills, and different exercises that will make them live a normal life.

What are the physical manifestations of down disorder? Babies born with it more often than not have little highlights. From having a packed face with a level nose and a little mouth, to almond-shaped eyes that slant up, little ears, short neck, little hands and feet, short in height. They also have low muscle condition that they look limp and they have poor head control. They look so delicate and frail.

There are different manifestations as they develop, for example, congenital heart defects, loss of hearing in one or both ears, intellectual and developmental disabilities (like strolling, standing up, and other motor skills), rest issue (like rest apnea), and vision issues. They also become ill effortlessly and can contract infection or diseases faster than those who don't have Down syndrome.

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