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Are you like me and have recently been rejected from car loan financing? Five years ago I was having major debt problems, I was in a bad place, couldn't get my work life together, and as a result went into some pretty serious debt. I have since been able to recover financially. After opening my own successful small business and having positive income ever since. My life has improved as a result. One thing that hasn't been able to recover is my bad credit history. Even though all my debts have been paid back in full, my credit history follows me like a dark shadow.


In 2017 I would have no issues paying back a car loan. However, no loan company would finance my car loan. They wouldn't consider the fact that I have been in the green since my disastrous 2012. I was “too much of a risk”, and “not worth the hassle”, It was a sad fact that no matter which company I went to, the results were the same each time.


Let me get one thing straight. I wasn't looking to get a car loan on an expensive luxury vehicle. I was just looking for a car that would get me from a to b. The car loan companies responses were all the same. It didn't matter what vehicle I was looking at, they weren't going to give me a car loan no matter what.


I had all but given up until a friend told me to check out http://www.approvalcapital.com. I was skeptical at first because I had been rejected from every other company. With nothing to lose I contacted Approval Capital and drove away in my new car 48 hours later. I couldn't believe it! If you are in the same boat that I was in and live in the Toronto GTA area, I highly recommend checking out Approval Capital. They have the know how and connections to make an impossibility a reality.