Ensure your Pool is Safe with fencing

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We always want keep our children (under 5 years) from any activities which cause accident. But we have pool in our backyard and we don’t want that our children fall into it while playing and may result in something very serious injuries. Well that why we want to make our pool safe by choosing and installing correct fencing.

Sometimes inadequate pool fencing remains a major contributing factor in the rate of drowning among children and our pets, so it is always necessary that we choose correct fencing. In this page I will talk about how to choose correct fencing for you pool.

Government has also imposed some laws and restrictions on how fencing should be. Here are some highlights of pool fencing laws.

1. Pool has to be far from house windows and doors.

2. Pool must be surrounded by a fence to separate from house and actual pool

3. Pool fencing height should be 1.2m high.

4. Gates of fencing to should close automatically

5. Fencing should be well maintained all the time.

6. Gates should open outwards and should not have pet doors.

Types of fencing to choose from:

  1. Frameless glass fencing: It is attractive and most expensive type of fencing. It gives clear view or garden and house.


2 Semi-Frameless glass fencing: It is lot cheaper than frameless glass fencing, almost half.

3 Metal Fencing: It comes in all type of colours, which suites you pool and house colour.

Please ensure that children and pet always be away from pool and create a safe environment. Well I am George Silulu, owner of Mint Fencing and Swimming Pool Fencing Sydney with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and installing pool fencing.