Fabulous celebrities with cute pink hair

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Hair coloring is one of the most popular beauty trends of this season. The more extraordinary and playful color you choose, the better. Changing your hair color is very interesting and joyful experience every girl should try at least once in her life. Our Hollywood beauties show us an amazing examples of gorgeous style transformations. Sometimes, all you need to change your image is to dye your hair in some mesmerizing tint. If you are not brave enough to go for real hair dye, use special tonics or a henna. They will also change the color, but save your natural hair structure and health. To draw some inspiration, our professionals from nyc hair salon offer you 3 charming pink haired celebrities.


Salma Hayek

We all got used to see Salma Hayek with dark black hair that perfectly fits her beautiful brown eyes and unique skin shade. However, her image went through major hair changes, recently. Salma switched her black mane to bright rose curls. Surprising, yeah? We could have imagine her with any other hair color, but not the rose one. Nevertheless, it appears to be true.


Nicole Richie

Her toxic pink pixie has marvelous effect on everyone who sees it. All her fans in one voice proclaim this hairstyle the most beautiful and successful one she ever spotted in her life. Short hairstyles look especially beautiful in bright colors. This peculiarity draws attention to your eyes and highlights bone structure, so if you are looking something special and daring to try, go for it right now.


Jessie J

Do you know what is the most flattering and stylish hairstyles of last few years? Yes, right, it is lob. And do you know how to make marvelous haircut even better? Dye it in pink, just like Jessie J. It is better to choose more gentle shade to look more feminine and nice. For more daring image use fuchsia shades.


Use our tips to find an inspiration for your new hairstyle. Show your personality to the whole world and don’t be afraid to try something out of box for your everyday look.