Fibrenet Broadband Services

The Internet is no longer a term that is a stranger to people. In fact, people are building their whole life around it, in terms of work, studies, social activity and personal growth.

The sultanate of Oman has been introduced to the internet services since 1997. Oman’s first specialized internet broadband service provider, however, is AWASR, which has now also claimed the position of sultanate’s third telecom service provider. Launched in 2016, Awasr had no trouble getting ahead of the internet service provider’s ranks through its provision of seamless internet services. 24-Hour live and fast internet connection enabling Omanis to stay connected around the world without a moment’s hindrance. Downloading and upstreaming of high-quality data is no longer a frustrating process for people of Oman.


What We Believe In?

The mission that derives Awasr is to deliver the highest speed, fastest and smoothest internet services in Oman.  Because we never wish that the residents of Oman lag behind in this live medium of information, connectivity and entertainment of internet. Worldwide, the internet is becoming a necessity of life and we believe that Omanis should gain all the benefit fibre net has to offer.

We at Awasr, care about out people and opt to serve them with enhanced and superior broadband and Wi-Fi services that will make their lives more efficient than ever before.


What Have We Been Working On This Year? Our Future Agendas:

In its first phase of launch, Awasr was offering optic fibrenet internet services in Al-Mawaleh, Al Khoud, Mabela, Al Hail, and Shatti, Al Mubailah, Al-Ghubra, Al Qurum areas. We have plans in motion to expand soon in the rest of Oman through advanced fibre optic networking.

gThe 1 GB internet is our current highest broadband speed being offered which will soon be updated to 10 GB connections for home (FTTH: Fiber to the Home) and businesses (FTTB: Fiber to the Business) in three user packages with various specifications.

In celebration of Oman’s 45th National Day, Aware has announced a partnership with Oman Broadband Company (OBC) to deliver internet connections smartly through a single provider. In lieu of this new partnership, Awasr is working to launch ultra-fast connections that will optimize user experiences, both commercial and residential.