Financial Planner Karur -How To Become A Financial Advisor

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Financial Planner Karur

Financial planner can be a great profession for someone who wants to head down a new career path. Why? Because it's a job where having some life experience under your belt really helps. Have you saved to buy a car or a house? Had to figure out how to pay for nursery school or college? Helped an elderly parent afford medical care? The more financial challenges you've faced in your own life, the more empathy you should have with your clients as an advisor.

Also helpful is having a professional and personal network you can tap, and the discipline that comes with working in a business with deadlines and rules.

The terms "financial planner" and "financial advisor" are often used interchangeably, although a Certified Financial Planner designation requires a course of study, a challenging examination and years of work experience.

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Who Is a Financial Advisor?

The purpose of a financial planner is to ‘advice’ clients to handle their money better, that is, to channelize money for higher returns and monetary growth. These channels could be retirement planning, insurance options and various investment strategies.

A financial advisor needs to posses excellent understanding of stock market performances, insurance sector, banking and other related fields.

As a financial advisor, you can either work with a company or become a private consultant. In either case, a bachelor’s degree in any finance field and relevant certification is mandatory. To know more about financual planner responsibilities Contact MR MK Prabhagharan, Financial Planner Karur or visit our website or mail your query @