Finding Out What’s Wrong Under the Hood

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There are few things in life more frustrating than when your car isn’t running properly. Even things as seemingly small as oil changes and tire rotations can have a big impact on how well your car drives or operates, especially in bad weather.


It’s important to figure out what’s wrong by hiring high quality auto repair in Salt Lake City. You need technicians with the proper education and training to diagnose and repair your car correctly. Autorepair in Salt Lake City should start with thorough tests and diagnostics to make sure the problem is fixed on the first visit, and not after many expensive, unnecessary repairs.


Transmission Services


If you’re taking your car for auto repair in Salt Lake City, you should look at AAMCO. They provide many services, making them a one-stop shop for all your car repair needs. They provide transmission repair and rebuilding for both manual and automatic transmission vehicles. The qualified technicians always provide a courtesy check to isolate problems with your clutch.


They then remove the transmission before inspecting the clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel and related components. Once they’ve figured out the source of the problem they can replace the components with new ones that meet certain quality standards. Once the transmission is reinstalled they can then top it off with fresh, clean fluid and perform a clutch check and road test to make sure everything is working correctly.


Other Services


Other auto repair in Salt Lake City that your car may need includes air conditioning maintenance, brake service and repair and check engine light services. When you see that orange light on your dash, you may want to ignore it until the problem becomes more apparent. This can lead to further problems and even damage some components of your car.


AAMCO technicians can even run computer diagnostics to make sure they find your car’s problem as quickly as possible. They can find problems with the drive range, upshift timing, downshift timing and quality of shifting as well as the engine performance, wiring harness connections and electrical and computer ground connections.


Outstanding Customer Service


No matter how thorough your car’s autorepair in Salt Lake City is, if you have poor customer service you might not want to return to that shop. That’s why AAMCO is dedicated to meeting your needs and addressing your concerns whenever you bring your car in for repairs. You will never find over-priced and unnecessary repairs on your bill at the end of your visit and you can be sure the repairs are explained to you every step of the way. This saves you time and money and means you’re a happier customer in the end. AAMCO even provides free towing with a major repair services within 30 miles of their center.


Whether your daily driver needs a transmission rebuilt or you are looking for new brakes on your favorite weekend vehicle, you need to be able to trust that both you and your car will be taken care of. AAMCO can take care of your car’s repairs both large and small and make the process as painless as possible.