Finding a perfect electric shaver

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Do you feel sick and tired of  everyday shaving routine, constant cuts and razor burning? There is a thing that can save you from endless torture. Electric shaver is a wonderful decision for those guys who prefer clean shaven look, but hate disposable razors. In fact, such razors have a lot of disadvantages like ingrown hairs, cuttings, irritation, redness, and burning effect. So, there is no surprise that more and more men all over the world switch their side to electric shavers instead of simple razor blades. Our guide created by specialists at barber shop midtown west will help you to find an ideal shaver, depending on your needs and personal peculiarities.


Foil or rotary

There are two main types of electric shavers: foil and rotary ones. When the question of choice arises, it is completely up to you to decide what type to buy. Both of them work in the same way: cutting blades, covered by protective metal foil. The main difference that foil ones have rectangular shape, and rotary – more triangular one. If you have sensitive skin, it would be better to choose foil shaver, it fits better for delicate skin type and has more flexibility. Rotary ones are meant for normal skin and thick, coarse hairs.


Price question

We all have a peculiar budget to stick to, so it is important to keep this point in your mind, choosing the shaver. Thanks God, modern market offers us thousands of different variants to fit your budget and requirements. However, high price not necessarily is a good indicator. Read feedbacks and search the Internet before making a decision.


Wet or dry

Dry shaving allows you to use your shaver pretty much anytime and everywhere. If your boss suddenly set a meeting in 20 minutes, and you forgot to shave your face this morning, this thing will save your career. Almost all modern models allow both: wet and dry shaving, so you can go for more convenient, wet one at home, and quick one, dry – anywhere you need.


Are you still doubting? Stop it! Now, you know how to choose a good electric shaver. Follow our tips, and your purchase will be 100% successful.