Fire extinguishers: your safety device to take care of

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Fire extinguishers are one of those stuffs that you cannot do without, whether it is your home, apartment, office or the shop you run, you need to realize that safety comes before anything else. You need to realize that safety is not something that you are considering for yourself, but in case of an emergency the quality of the safety measures you take would affect the lives of others.Body: The water fire extinguishers have a serious drawback: the chemical that is contained in the cylinder corrodes the inner surface of the cylinder. Now it completely depends on the extent of damage that has been done to gauge how it will perform if disaster strikes. But ideally, one should always maintain the quality of the extinguisher abiding by the fire extinguisher officer which would be a favour they would be doing to themselves.

Checking up on the product

Further, you need to check up quite well on the product. You need to make sure that the product you are buying is brand new, and thus make sure that you would be safely using the fire extinguisher in the times when crisis would strike. There are two types of fire extinguishers that are available and you need to have both for different needs:

·         One variety of fire extinguishers is for the electric fires only, and water would not work on these fires. Moreover, this can backfire because an electric fire would burn more profusely if you apply water and it would seem like the water has acted as a fuel. The sprays that these special extinguishers would let out would cover up the the fire, thus cutting off the oxygen supply and thus extinguishing it.

·         For normal fires, water would work, that could be sprayed from the hydro sprays that are available in the market and you must keep these in stock in order to keep yourselves in this particular case.

Issues on repairing and when to buy a new one

Now, what if there is corrosion in the inner surface of the cylinder? Of course, you can go for fire extinguisher repairs, but the problem here is, the cost might be the same as in buying a new one. Of course this depends on the extent of the corrosion but in this era where the competitive prices are the sole way a company can survive, you will find quotes that match the cost of repairing your fire extinguisher. Check for the different sites that promise you the lowest price in the market.  You might be worried that the low price have something to do with the quality of the product but this is not the case; and you can be assured if the company abides by the standards that the government has set for them. Further, have a good look at the comments section of the site you find convincing and you would have a fair idea about the pros and cons of the product you are using.

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