Fireplace Inserts: How to Choose Them and Their Competitive Advantages

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The main objective of implementing a fireplace insert into an existing masonry or a prefabricated fireplace is to increase its efficiency and the production of sustainable heat inside your room. Fireplaces play a vital role during the winter season to keep your room warm and cozy so that you can spend quality time with your family indoors during the winter holidays. But the problem with fireplaces without inserts is that they are susceptible to material deterioration due to constant burning which causes them to lose their heating ability and a fairly high maintenance cost.

You would find various kinds of fireplace inserts in the market such as electric fireplace inserts, wood burning fireplace inserts (wood is used as fuel), gas fireplace insert (natural gas, butane, propane, etc. are used as fuels), traditional fireplace insert, and wood pellet fireplace insert. Nowadays, you would also find some innovative implementation of modern technology in these devices such as thermostatic control.

Choosing a fireplace insert:

With so many options available, choosing the perfect fireplace insert for your fireplace might seem a bit confusing at times. To avoid this confusion, you can follow some simple steps for making your selection. They are –

1. Figuring out the appropriate size: The very first step to making your choice is to determine the proper size of the insert. This device comes in various sizes and if your insert does not properly fit into your fireplace, then the purchase would be a waste of money. Before making your selection, measure the top to bottom and side to side lengths of your fireplace accurately and pick out a suitable insert accordingly from the available options on various websites.

2. Choosing the fuel: Make your choice between wood and gas as your fuel. Both of them are advantageous although most people prefer to choose wood burning inserts as woods are less expensive than natural gas and provide nearly equal efficiency. You can also go for electric fireplaces where you don’t have to select the fuel at all.

3. Considering the price: Take both the initial purchasing cost and the long term operational cost into account before making your selection. Make sure that you would be able to afford both of these expenses comfortably.

4. Looking for other accessories: Many inserts nowadays come with several additional features such as –

  • Efficiency rating
  • Self cleaning glass
  • Accent lighting
  • Remote control
  • Heating square footage
  • Thermostatic control etc.

5.  Assessing compatibility: Pay attention to the design of the fireplace insert so that it doesn’t stick out in relation to your home décor.

Advantages of installing a fireplace insert:

If you can successfully select an appropriate fireplace insert for your fireplace, you can have the following advantages –

A.    Increasing the efficiency: The combustion design of this device allows more air to enter into the fireplace to goad the fire and the closed-door insulated system increases the formation of heat inside your fireplace. As a result, the efficiency of your fireplace increases from a meager percentage of 5-10 to a whopping 65-80.   

B.    Mitigation of cost: Fireplace inserts reduce the deterioration of fireplace materials due to burning and as a result the maintenance cost drops significantly. Also, because of the increase in efficiency, the operational cost of the fireplace also decreases.

C.    Providing an eco-friendly heating system: This device is capable of burning harmful carbon by-products that can produce noxious gases like carbon monoxide. Therefore, irrespective of the type of the fireplace insert, the environment of your room will remain free from gases that can cause asphyxiation.

D.   Reduction of carbon footprint: Reduction of various carbon compounds automatically reduces the carbon footprint of the household.

E.    Aesthetics and functionality: A properly designed fireplace insert would add aesthetic value to your room and with the implementation of new features like self cleaning glass doors and remote controls, this device has become more user-friendly.

Because of these highly advantageous features, fireplace inserts are becoming immensely popular among people.