Flyer distribution for marketing: Is it a good option?

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Most of the companies consider flyer distribution as one of the best marketing tool with better ROI. This marketing tool has become extremely popular among the businesses and small scale companies to advertise their product and servicesand to reach maximum number of customers in less time. Flyer distribution involves various processes and each of them is equally important for the success of thy company advertising campaign. The campaign begins with the designing of the flyer in the most attractive way. Once the printing is done, potential customers are identified and leafletsare distributed after choosing the right distribution method. After flyer distribution, companies can track the delivery and make sure that the flyers are indeed given to the potential customers. Companies can also track the response of the people, if flyers are worded appropriately and some promotional offers are made.

Designing the leaflet plays a significant role in entire advertising campaign because a person take interest in any campaign with the message is delivered in an interesting and appealing way. Many aspects play a key role while designing a flyer such as size, shape, weight, colour and wording. The flyer size varies from A3 to A7. The smaller the size betters the hand-to-hand distribution. If the pamphlet is small and lightweight, it can easily be easy for a person to read and store it. The large poster size can also be designed, only if you are planning to print graphics and load the paper with catchy content, which ends up as a colourful representation. Once you decide the size, think about the color and graphics to be included in flyer. Depending on the product and services you’re offering, select the color and shape of the flyer. It is advisable to choose bold colours rather than passive. The content in the flyer should attract the individual and must have a sales tone. State the benefits and features of your company products and do include an introductory offer, which attracts the person at the very first look.

The Method of distribution

Distributing flyers varies according to the requirements of the company, but the most significant and most popular method that every Flyers Distribution Services Company owns is door-to-door and hand-to-hand distribution method. In door-to-door method, flyers are distributed to every house of the designated area. The flyer is given to the hand of an individual or kept in newspaper and magazine so that it reaches to every individual residing at that particular geography. Depending upon the method a company choose, the budget varies and so the effectiveness. In the hand-to-hand distribution method, the flyers are handed out directly to the individuals. It is also kept at the vantage points on the streets where an individual can pick the flyer if necessary.

Tracking the Flyer

Companies can easily find out if the potential customers are actually receiving the flyers or not. Hey can ask the distributor to carry a GPS enables unit, which helps to track their position. These distributors set daily target and and hand-over a camcorder to record the actual delivery of the pamphlets.


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