Four Steps To Use a Curling Wand

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Bored of straight locks and want to add some curls in your style? Check out these four steps on how you can use a simple curling wand to make gorgeous tresses provided by the top specialists at the best hair salons in New York!


#1 Setting a solid foundation

Wash hair with some organic shampoo and conditioner and let it air dry (we will heat locks, and there is no need in a double damaging). Brush hair with a tangle-neat, when it will dry a little bit  -never do it with wet locks.

Use a heat protectant. Never go for any hair treatment tools without it, girl. There are so many organic hair products, which will save tresses and let them stay radiant and soft, so choose your own.


#2 Pick heat setting

Did you know that water boils at 212 degrees, and sometimes we use heat styling tools at 300-400 degrees? If you want to save your fabulous hair, you should pick a lower setting, of course, it will be a bit longer styling, but what is more important to you - strong and radiant locks or 10-20 minutes?


#3 Doing basic curls

Sect tresses with a hair ties or clips, there should be one-two section in the front, back and in the each side of a head. Make sure that they are roughly equal.

Curl hair for 5-10 seconds (if you choose a lower regime and 3-5 seconds if you didn’t). It doesn’t matter where you will start, take a lock about an inch wide and hold a curling wand vertically to the head, then just wrap it around the wand. If the locks are tighter than you want - just mess them up with fingers.


#4 Fixating

The last step will be fixating. Some of the girls have too straight locks which can’t be curly during the day, so use a hair spray or a little amount of mousse. Some ‘grandma’ secret for girls - you can mix one tablespoon of sugar with 2 cups of water and fill the mixture in a spray bottle, use it as a natural fixative spray. Sugar will fixate tresses, but in the evening you should wash it out with warm water.


Stay gorgeous with simple and cute curls.


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