Four Ways To Prevent Hair Over Dryness

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There are so many reasons why hair can be over dried: inconsistent nutrition, different weather conditions, heating and even ecology. We asked the top hair stylists at the barber shop Midtown how you can recover mane fast and make it manageable and radiant, so try to follow the next tips.


#1 Hydration

Dehydration is the most common problem among many people, and some of them can’t even notice it. Water is an essential thing if you want to prevent over dryness. It deeply hydrates all body and makes scalp moisturized from the inside and as a result - healthy mane. Avoid drinking packed juices, coffee and tea, because they can’t truly satisfy your thirty due to the high sugar content.


#2 Organic hair care products

Nothing can bring you such severe damage as cheap commercial hair products. They contain too many different toxins, such as parabens, silicones, sulfates and alcohol. They dehydrate scalp and can be a reason of dandruff. Go to any organic shop and buy a healthy shampoo and conditioner, which will gently care for a mane and scalp as well.


#3 More fats

Eat more nuts, because they are full of natural fats, which nourish mane from the inside. Eating the only handful of your favorite nuts can change the condition of hair in a month. Almonds, cashews, pine, Brazil and others can be a great alternative for chips for a snack.


#4 Deeply moisturizing treatment

The final step will be a natural remedy treatment. Combine a ½ cup of a coconut oil with a ½  cup of a burdock oil, warm up the mixture and rub in on a scalp, wait for approximately 40 minutes and then just wash it out with a daily organic shampoo. Coconut oil will deeply moisturize the scalp, while a burdock oil will calm it and strengthen the roots. Repeat the procedure before every shampooing till the problem will be solved for 100%.


Even after the first week of such treatment, you’ll be able to see the result - less dandruff and more manageable and radiant mane. In a month you’ll forget that you suffered from over dryness, dandruff and head scratching.


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