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gender pay example

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Gender Pay Gap Journey Consultant and Reporting - Fusion HR Solutions will provide you a report covering the key required data and a written statement explaining results about gender pay gap.


Fusion HR Solutions offer our clients a full range of human resources consulting solutions including; Audits and Assessments; Succession Planning and Staffing ****ysis Studies; Virtual Human Resources.

Audits and Assessments, Fusion HR Solutions will extend a comprehensive look at your Human Resources operation and functionality. We can review all policies, procedures and practices and evaluate compliance. We can develop and ****yse staff surveys to provide you with a thorough understanding on what your staff think and feel and work with you to develop an action plan. We will assess how your HR function is structured and operating and provide recommendations and solutions to enhance and rebalance.

Staffing ****ysis and Succession Planning studies assess an organisation’s structure and workforce and considers short and long-term employment needs. Fusion HR Solutions will review your internal relationships, the competencies required within your organisation to deliver and the projection for staffing.  We will offer appropriate and insightful recommendations for your consideration and discussion.

Virtual Human Resources allows clients to request Fusions’ human resources focused assistance as needed. Our consultants are available to assist with projects such as policy and procedure review and/or development; negotiation preparation; and mini recruitments for entry and mid-level staff members. We are available virtually as needed to assist you with projects that will free up the valuable time of your organisation’s permanent professional staff to focus on other priorities.

Being aligned with market practice is important, but ensuring you are attractive and challenging is essential.


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