Get the best results for hair loss, with PRP treatment

Even when every one of us well aware that hair transplantation is the most accurate hair treatment that can help a patient obtain better hair results but still it is often avoided because patient fear that hair transplantation is a surgical process and thus the incisions and closure of the procedure must be typical. In such cases when patient need invasive and non surgical treatment to fight hair issues they can trust PRP Hair loss Treatment at Marmm Klinik. PRP is most advance hair treatment that negates the need of any sort of incision or cuts because it can achieve natural hair growth right with patients own blood.


PRP is advance non surgical therapeutic options that are often used for stimulating hair growth right within the hair loss conditions. In PRP hair treatment little blood is taken out from patient’s body. This blood is then treated into a centrifuge in which solid form of blood is separated from liquid constituents. The separated part of blood is platelet rich plasma which is actual constituent that is responsible for hair growth cycle. This separated platelet rich plasma is the injected to the affected bald areas with necessary plant extracts and vitamin dose so that better hair growth can be achieved right at root level of hair growth. After few days this inserted blood achieves natural hair growth and hairs start to grow naturally. The results are beyond expectation.


PRP is suitable for both males and females. It is state of art, non surgical, totally natural and an alternative procedure for surgical hair restoration options. It works on platelet rich plasma which promotes healing, growth, cell replication, skin formation and formation of new cellular growth at the area of baldness. Thus when better results for hair loss are the most important need PRP can be trusted.


There are various advantageous of going for PRP:

  1. PRP works on cell level.

  2. Medical procedure done to treat hair loss.

  3. It enhances hair growth and also further stops any baldness issues.

  4. It works with patients own blood and thus negates the need of hair at the donor area.

  5. It is capable of treating even the extreme baldness cases.

  6. It is non surgical hair treatment.

  7. It is best alternative for patients who cannot go for hair transplantation.

  8. It does not require any stay at the hospital after the final treatment.

  9. The recovery of PRP is fast and painless.

  10. Better results can be evaluated with PRP treatment.


Working rightly on the exact growth factor of patients own hair growth cycle, PRP is capable of achieving better results from root level. PRP works on platelet rich plasma which is actual growth factor of hairs in individual. Surely PRP is the most advance non surgical solution for treating hair problem but if you are expecting enhanced result from PRP you must only prefer to go PRP Hair loss Treatment at Marmm Klinik which is one of the advance hair clinic.