Google adwords features using in 2017

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Google adwords



Google AdWords is online advertising program. Google AdWords is a product that we can use to promote our business, help sell products and services, raise awareness and increase traffic to our website.










5 google adwords features using in 2017

Campaign level audience targeting

Expanded text ads

Price Extensions

Demographic Targeting







Google launches new features for adwords in 2017.

Explanation of Features

1. Device Adjustments:

This is one of the most anticipated updates because it allows advertisers to make a separate offer on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Many advertisers have long struggled with lack of ability to optimize among these devices, which is really a relief.


When Google released its enhanced campaign functionality in 2013, some problems were created with it, so it gives advertisers the opportunity to make a separate offer on mobile phones. But when this happens, bids on the desktop are also affected.

It is important to track Google. The new Google feature will allow advertisers to separate their mobile, tablet and desktop offerings, but in the same way, they allow them to choose an anchor for the auction. In the first setup, the anchor auction is identical to the desktop or tablet offers. So if you want to make adjustments, you have to increase or decrease your mobile bids. Now it is different because in these three devices you can choose one as your anchor and make adjustments to the other two if necessary.

2. Expanded text ads:


It's a rumor around the web. The ads contain longer, duplicate, 80-character description and two additional "paths" added to the display URL. In the ad, Google requires that old standard text is deleted if advertisers want to apply the new standard text. There will be no exceptions.

3. Demographic targeting:

Google has released Demographics for search ad features to help advertisers target specific demographic data. It is similar to location targeting or remarketing when advertisers have the ability to increase or decrease their targets for ages and genres.


This new feature is extremely useful for companies that target a particular age group or genre because they allow them to spend more on these searches to maximize conversion.

4. Price extensions:

There are two updates to price extensions that began last July, in 2016. First, the price extensions available for mobile devices in November 2016. Second, price extensions were available to show on all devices last March 2017.



Price extensions are an excellent feature for advertisers who have various service offerings or services at multiple levels. This new feature allows digital advertisers to separate each of their services, price, and description and even send each to different landing pages.

5. Campaign level audience targeting:

When Google introduced the option to apply the Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) at the campaign level in December of 2016, advertisers had an excellent opportunity to save time. This time, it is not necessary to apply the RLSA modifiers to each individual ad group, which is usually very long.


This new target audience at the campaign level not only simplifies the online release of RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads) but also makes performance measurement and optimization more efficient.