Gulf Jobs – Life Experience Of Indian Expats In Gulf

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The Combined, the six GCC states have a population of around 43.2 million. The GCC countries include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. As per the statistics Indians form 1/3rd of the total GCC population. For last four decades people from India have been migrating for Gulf jobs, as GCC countries are known to offer lucrative job opportunities across various industries. There are various industrial sectors such as Oil & Gas, Construction, Power Plant, Heavy Engineering, Automobile, Hospitality, Medical, Shipping, Aviation, Banking & Finance and more.

Job seekers across all levels have been looking for Gulf jobs may be technical or desk related job opportunities. The prime reason being GCC countries have been offering good salary packages and back home they derive the advantage of foreign exchange conversion. Job seekers resort to each n every means to migrate to Gulf for securing a well paying Gulf job. They try to make use of their networks, make use of gulf job consultants, and resort to direct company advertisements.

The life experience of Indian expats has been mixed. Some have been able to full-fill their dreams, to some it was an ordinary experience, for some it was only to meet-up their survival and for some it was an “horrifying” experience. In reality there are certain essentials, dos and don’ts that make all the difference when it comes to Gulf jobs. A job seeker need to understand the requirements of a job in Gulf may it be very basic, or technical or non technical admin finance related jobs. Those who go with the job requirements, follow a proper recruitment channel and have a proper career planning have been able to full fill their dreams. For rest. there has been mixed experiences from ordinary to horrifying.

If we conclude, Gulf jobs provide great career opportunities helping to build life and dreams provided it’s coupled with great long term career planning in the Gulf region.