H12-211-ENU HCNA-HNTD V2.2 Exam practice test

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Share some HCDA H12-211-ENU exam questions and answers below.
An error occurred when customers access to the FTP server, checked and found the connectivity between the server and the client is no problem, which server port is blocked that may be a problem caused?(select 2 answers) 
A. 21 
B. 80 
C. 20 
D. 50649 
Answer: AC

In the OSI reference model which can complete end to end error detection and flow control is ( ). 
A. Physical Layer 
B. Data link layer 
C. Network Layer 
D. Transport Layer 
Answer: D

Which of the following description about eSight is wrong? ( ). 
A. eSight can be used monitor and manage enterprise networks 
B. eSight can only manage huawei's network equipment 
C. eSight supports WLAN device management and monitoring of hot spot coverage 
D. eSight supports configuration file backup and traffic ****ysis 
Answer: B

A company to apply for a Class C IP addresses, but to be assigned to six subsidiary companies, one of the largest subsidiaries have 26 computers. Different subsidiary must be in different network segment, the subnet mask should be set to ( ). 
Answer: D

The following static routing configuration is correct ( ). (Choose 3 answers) 
A. ip route-static 16 serial 0 
B. ip route-static 16 
C. ip route-static 16 
D. ip route-static 
Answer: ACD

As shown, which of the following description is correct about the frame relay network equipment?( ) (select 2 answers) 

A. RTA is a DTE device 
B. FRA is a DTE device 
C. FRB is a DCE device 
D. S1/0/1 interface on the RTA is DCE interface 
Answer: AC

PING 56 data bytes £¬ press CTRL_C to break 
Reply from bytes=800 
Sequence=1 ttl=255 time=2 ms 
Reply from bytes=800 
Sequence=2 ttl=255 time=10 ms 
--- ping statistics --- 
2 packet (s) transmitted 
2 packet (s) received 
0.00% packet loss 
round-trip min/avg/max = 2/6/10 
Network administrators use the Ping command on the AR G3 series routers to test the connectivity reaching, which of the following description of the output is correct? ( ) 
A. network administrators using command is ping -c 2 -s 800 
B. network administrators using command is ping -a 2 -v 800 
C. destination unreachable 
D. network administrator to modify the default TTL value for 255 
Answer: A

About the static and dynamic routing, which of the following statement is not correct? 
A. Static routing configuration in the enterprise application is simple, easy management 
B. After administrator deploying dynamic routing protocols in enterprise networks, the late maintenance and extension can be more convenient. 
C. After the link failure, static routing can automatically complete the network convergence 
D. Dynamic routing protocol takes up more system resources than the static routing. 
Answer: C

When using Tracert program to test the path which reach the destination node, by default each TTL value Traceroute be measured ( ) times. 
A. 3 
B. 4 
C. 6 
D. 8 
Answer: A

AS shown, create VLAN2 on the SWA and SWB, configure the port connection to the host as Access Port, and blong to VLAN2. The SWA's G0/0/1 and SWB's G0/0/2 are both Trunk Port, and allow all VLAN. 
If you want the normal communication between the host, the network administrator needs to ( ). 

A. Creating VLAN2 to the SWC 
B. Configurating the G0/0/1 of SWC as trunk port and allowing VLAN2 
C. Configurating the G0/0/1 and G0/0/2 of SWC as trunk ports and allowing VLAN2 
D. Creating VLAN2 to the SWC, configurating the G0/0/1 and G0/0/2 as trunk ports and allowing VLAN2 
Answer: D

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