H20-651-ENU Huawei Certified Field Specialist-Server simulation

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Share some HCS-Field-Server H20-651-ENU exam questions and answers below.
IBMC is the control unit to implement server management, the function that supported is: (Multiple Choice) 
A. Remote control 
B. Alarm management 
C. IPMItool tool management 
D. Web interface management 
Answer: ABCD

The following description of the server firmware upgrade operation, the incorrect is: 
A. iMana200 upgrade need to restart iMana200 then the new version will take effect 
B. iMana200 needs to be upgraded twice 
C. BIOS upgrade once 
D. BISO upgrade needs to restart iMana200 to take effect 
Answer: D

In the following picture, which interfaces/connectors can be applicable for connecting 3000W power module? 

A. ¢Ù¢Ú¢Û 
B. ¢Ü¢Ý¢Þ 
C. ¢Ù¢Ú¢Þ 
D. ¢Û¢Ü¢Ý 
Answer: C

The operating voltage of memory will influence its operating frequency. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: A

When installing 5288 V3 server, it can be stack installation; in the case of sufficient cabin space, the server can be separated by 1U. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: A

When the HMM Web interface of MM910 collecting the information, if choose to quickly collect, the collected information will include: (Multiple Choice) 
A. Calculating the node's SEL 
B. Switching the module's SEL 
C. Fan, power supply in the state 
D. MM910's SEL 
Answer: CD

Which of the following tool can achieve the OS batch deployment? 
A. ServiceCD 
B. eSight 
C. uMate 
Answer: B

Setting the iBMC system send the alarm information to the third-party server in the form of Trap messages, it would be set in which menu? 
A. Events and logs 
B. Alarm settings 
C. Network configuration 
D. System settings 
Answer: B

The E9000 is a high-performance enterprise-class high-end server for resilient computing and telecom computing, targeted at high-end computing platforms. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: A

The suggested depth of installing E900 server's cabinet is: 
A. 1m 
B. 1.2m 
C. 1.4m 
D. No requirement 
Answer: B

The functions that FusionServer Tools-ServiceCD2.0 supported are: (Multiple Choice) 
A. Configure RAID 
B. Boot to install Windows series operating system 
C. Boot to install RHEL, SUSE, CentOS series operating system 
D. Boot to install the VMware series operating system 
Answer: ABCD

The correct command that Huawei FusionServer RH2288 V3 Server set BMC management network port IP address is: 
A. ipmcset -t eth0 -d ipaddr -v ipaddr mask 
B. ipmcset -t eth0 -d ipinfo -v ipaddr mask 
C. ipmcset -t eth0 -v ipaddr mask 
D. ipmcset -d ipaddr -v ipaddr mask 
Answer: D

The LCD configured by RH2288 V3 server can only check the server information, cannot do any configuration. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: B

Which kind of OS in the compatibility list is suggested to install by Huawei server? 
A. OS manufacturers recommend the use of the mainstream version 
B. OS manufacturers claim to support the version 
C. OS manufacturers do not promote support, but can install the version 
D. OS manufacturers claim not to support the version 
Answer: A

Server installed Windows2008R2 system, but it will automatically shut down every one hour, business cannot access, the most likely reason is: 
A. Use the non-genuine Windows2008R2 system license 
B. Server board failure 
C. Windows 2008 R2 is not in the current server's compatibility list 
D. Server CPU failure 
Answer: A

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