Herbal Appetite Suppressant Pills To Help Lose Weight Fast

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Researchers are trying to find a clue to obesity where most studies clearly submit that obesity runs in families and some people are destined to remain fat. So can your family be responsible for you being obese. These are certain questions where researches do not give a clear answer; instead, scientists tell people there is no point in adopting lifestyle changes or doing exercises as it is officially incurable. Some studies claim only one in a hundred obese people has a chance to regain healthy weight again. They say the body’s system wants a person to gain maximum weight as their ancestors did. Ayurveda has a different approach where it is believed the imbalance of doshas – pitta, kapha and vata can cause uncontrolled weight gain and this can be treated by taking herbs which have properties to change the structure of cells and mitochondria functions. Rather, the regular intake of herbal appetite suppressant pills can regulate endocrine functions and protect body cell damage caused by excessive accumulation of toxins and fats.   Ayurveda has a strict diet instructions where one should not take heavy and cold foods (or drinks), avoid oversleeping / frequent snacking / eating processed or foods prepared and heated repeatedly before taking, and watching TV or mobile while eating. The intake of high fat foods, cold foods ( which reduces the capability of body fire to digest fat) , imbalance of blood circulation and collection of waste in body tissues due to delay and disruption in metabolic activities can causes obesity which can be cured by changing lifestyle  and adopting a proper diet routine. When you take high fat food and if it is not eliminated from the body by the proper set of digestive enzymes then the path is blocked and the body stores such unhealthy fat and causes weight gain. Lack of sleep due to stress or irregular lifestyles can disrupt the digestive fire of the body and this can cause irregular appetite. People with high pita body types (more heat in body) may feel hungry and eat too much without considering its value. Taking warm water and replacing sugary carbonated drinks with fruit juices can prevent gastrointestinal freezing (responsible for disruption of digestive functions). Black pepper can raise the digestive fire and burn fat, and is very effective cure for obesity in people who are genetically disposed to such conditions. Saunth or dry ginger powder helps in re-igniting the digestive fire. Arjun or arjuna myrobalan helps in improving blood circulation. These herbs are some of the ingredients of popular herbal appetite suppressant pills e.g. InstaSlim capsules.   Other ingredients in the herbal appetite suppressant pills InstaSlim capsules such as Haritaki or terminalia chebula helps in reducing telomere damage in the DNA to avert aging.  (Telomeres are the ends of DNA strands which protect the chromosomes and these cells grow by copying themselves and each time they get shorter and this cause cell aging). The herb terminalia contains minerals which can restrict the process of cellular aging and such herbs have their own DNA repair mechanism to counter unhealthy conditions (and prevent alteration in DNA induced by radiation, chemicals or environment factors).