Herbal Skin Rejuvenating Face Pack To Increase Glow Naturally

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Skin disorders are common in US where about 80 percent of people suffer from various types of skin infections and most teenagers suffer from pimples where they may get such eruptions till middle ages. These disorders have yet not found an absolute cure. People take up an assortment of cures adopting a series of anti acne creams and lotions but fail to get desired upgrading in skin conditions. Studies on skin eruptions states- A layer of healthy bacteria is living on the skin surface and it locks the biofilms of the skin to make the skin look radiant. Continuously washing the face can damage the healthy bacteria coat on the skin surface. Such harmless bacteria lives on the skin surface across the body, and such bacteria may cause inflammation and breakout when it gets trapped in airless conditions induced by oily surface. Certain herbal skin rejuvenating face pack provides nourishment to the external and inner layers of skin and clear toxins from the tissues to cure infections.   Study state - P. Acnes is the bacteria found on people having healthy skin rarely affected by acne. Such type of bacteria could recognise the attackers and destroy the harmful infections before it affected the skin. This is similar to probiotics which is taken to keep the gut healthy. Eating too much, having oily foods, eating sweets and sleep issues (either sleeplessness or excessive sleeping) can cause kapha related imbalance causing acne. The spread of harmful bacteria on the skin can cause blockage of the c****s on the skin and inflammation and even dryness in certain cases (due to endocrine imbalance, imbalance of heat, infections in liver, inflammation and excess of fat), where the pores of skin get clogged to cause eruptions. Herbal skin rejuvenating face pack can enhance the luster of skin and cure it internally to restore the lost strength of tissues. It provides nutrients to the skin layers to repair damaged tissues and reduce excesses sebum secretions. (Sebum refers to kapha (fatty mucus) and people with high fat accumulation in blood may suffer from such skin eruptions). The cure clears the skin and stimulates the immune functions to prevent infections.   Ayurveda aims to provide cure to purify blood and offer healing by killing bacterial / fungal infections and reducing side effects of infections such as fever, nausea and general weakness.  In some people, the increase in androgens cause the rise in oil glands and this produces sebum. People exposed to chemicals or everyday drugs such as drugs for anti epilepsy, lithium etc, can develop acne and girls having fluctuation in the monthly flow are susceptible to such skin conditions. The use of Chandra Prabha Ubtan regularly on skin helps to get rid of the excess oil secreted on the skin top layer and it can restore the skin friendly bacteria to enhance the ability of the skin to resist harmful infections.   The use of the herbal skin rejuvenating face pack - Chandra Prabha Ubtan helps to eliminate the excess fatty acids on the skin layers, which is found in people having irregular endocrine functions and those who take certain high fat diets or have irregular eating habits.