Homeowners Insurance and HVAC Systems: To Claim or not to Claim

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The insurance claims process can be stressful, so many variables that must be considered. Major systems such as air conditioning systems are often confusing because they can be part of the structural or personal property coverage depending on whether you have a window AC unit or a HVAC system. It is important to review the existing policy coverage and understand the deductible levels.

There are many advantages of using a local air conditioner repair company. First, local AC repair services know the area, they will be able to find your home and understand nuisances that are specific to your locale. Second, they will understand the way to write claims to maximize your chances of getting approvals. Third, local air conditioner fixers will be able to complete work timely and will be available for preventative maintenance or warranty repairs afterwards.

Types of damages covered by homeowners or commercial insurance include the following:

  • Lightning Strikes/Power Surges
  • Trees Falling on the Outside AC Unit
  • Wind Damage

Types of damage NOT covered by homeowners or commercial insurance include the following:

  • Old Age – Such as dry rotted hoses, broken coils, fan breaks, compressor fails.
  • Unmaintained Damage – Such as frozen coils due to water backup, system failure due to unchanged filters.
  • Broken Thermostat

Repairs can be costly and insurance companies understand that. Many have started offering a major appliance coverage option that will ensure systems such as HVAC units are covered. Before filing a claim, consider the type of damage and cost. If the cost to repair the AC unit is close to the deductible amount, it may not benefit you to file a claim. Always take photos of any damage sustained.

The process for submitting a claim to your insurance company is easy, but can take a long time.  Don’t waste any time.