How to Choose a Staffing Agency

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Marketing is an essential component of any successful business and in a world full of technology, digital marketing has become even more important. If you operate a business and can’t seem to find the time handle your own marketing, you may wish to hire a team to do it for you. A digital marketing recruiting agency can help you find the best candidates, but only if you hire the right agency. Use these tips to find the right one.


Learn the Agency’s Recruiting Procedures


Ask potential staffing agencies how they go about finding their digital marketing experts. Do they maintain a database of the best applicants? How often do they advertise for new recruits? Do they offer an excellent compensation and benefits package to entice high-quality candidates? A subpar agency will provide you with subpar marketing specialists, so consider these details carefully. Would you work for the agency?


Ask How They Determine a Candidate’s Qualifications


The right digital marketing recruiting agency will provide thorough screening of their candidates to ensure you are receiving the level of expertise you expect and are paying for. In addition to initial skills tests, the agency should verify candidates' education background, previous employment and certifications, if they have any. Annual reviews of their contractor pool are also a good idea.


Determine What the Agency Expects From You


Of course, you'll need to pay for services but not all digital marketing recruiting agencies are created equally. Before signing on the dotted line, be sure to ask several questions. In addition to learning about the company's fee structure, ask about their turnover rates and how they handle the situation should their employees not live up to your expectations. An excellent agency will be in contact with you often over the course of your project to ensure everything is on track.


Consider How You Feel About Each Company


Most companies know that an excellent first impression is important. Not as many of them continue to make that excellent impression. Talk to the recruiting agency you’re interested in several times to determine if they provide quality service every time. Remember, if you feel rushed or that the person you’re talking to is rude, their contractors probably do as well. Bad management means lower quality employees working on your projects.


Once you know how to ring the right digital marketing recruiting agency, advertising your business will be much easier. Your marketing team can focus on paid ads, social media and your website, leaving you to create an excellent customer experience elsewhere.