How to configure google mail in Outlook?

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Gmail is an email service developed and maintained by Google Inc which is the most used email-based web service in the world. Gmail is a free email service which is available without any cost. To send emails using Gmail, all you have to do is register your username and set a password at Gmail. Then you can get a Gmail account with which you can send emails all over the world. Like Gmail, Outlook is an email service developed by Microsoft which is used by a number of people all around the world for business communication. It also goes by the name of Hotmail. Now its possible that a Gmail user also uses Outlook email, for that if he wants to check his emails, he either has to install both apps in his computer or he can simply enable Gmail in Outlook Email.   The better option is to choose the second one. It is easy to use Gmail to Outlook email. All you have to do is put in some configurations and you are set. The following steps can be followed to enable Gmail in Outlook email.   Step 1)First you need to Log in to your Gmail account by providing your email id and password.   Step 2) In the second step, go to Gmail settings which can be easily navigated by going to the top of Gmail web page.   Step 3) In Gmail settings, select Forwarding and POP/IMAP and then click on Enable IMAP.   Step 4) Click on Save to save the settings and then open your Apple device.   Step 5) Open Outlook on your device and navigate to File tab. From here go to Add Account.   Step 6) Click on  Manual setup or additional server types and then click on POP or IMAP   Step 7) Enter the account type as IMAP and type in the incoming mail server. Enter in the Outgoing mail server.   Step 8) In My outgoing server window, add the following information. IMAP server as 993 and Incoming server encrypted connection as SSL. Type 25 or 465 in Outgoing server and TLS in connection.   Step 9) Save the changes and your Gmail is configured to be used in your Outlook email.    You can check by sending an email to your Gmail from Outlook. In case of any technical assistance, contact Google technical support