How to Earn More Money from Casinos

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Its pay day and you’re looking for a place to invest your money and since you feel a little luck you decide to go to the nearest casino. Or maybe you’re a little desperate so you decide to test your luck in gambling. Or it’s your boys’ night out or ladies’ night, and you and your pals are really just in the casino to have fun. But even if you’re not in one of these scenarios, I’m guessing you guys all have something in common. You want to earn some cash by visiting

Now before you take out your wallet and bet it on the wrong horse, you must know the mandate of every casino: “the casino always wins”. You see one of reasons why people love casinos is because of its magnificent interior. It will dazzle you with the lights and the thrill of gambling, but remember that casinos don’t get to be that grand if they let every bidder or player win in their games, thus the existence of the house edge. The house edge is the long term advantage that each casino possesses that ultimately lets them have the odds always in their favor. Take note that each game in the casino has a corresponding house edge and some games have lower house edge than others. But just because the odds aren’t always in your favor, doesn’t mean you can’t earn some cash right? Remember even David was able to beat Goliath. So how do you beat the odds?

Blackjack has the lowest house edge in the casino, therefore if you’re ready to win more money, better get that blackjack manual and start practicing. The next game with low house edge is the dice game craps and the third on the list is baccarat. Last but definitely not the least is poker. Whether it’s Pai Gow, Caribbean Stud, or Three Card poker, if you’ve got the skill to bluff your way into making more money, poker is your pal.

As you might have observed, casinos do not usually have clocks of any sort in their casinos just so people won’t notice the amount of time they spend on a game, therefore encouraging them to keep on playing. So before you go off and set on that wonderful adventure, you might want to wear a watch first. Also if you’re in the casino to earn cash and not lose it, it’s best to go in with a plan. Experts agree that having a budget when it comes to gambling and avoiding reckless behaviors by sticking to it will greatly increase your chance of earning money. According to card sharks or professional card players, having a budget and betting consistent amounts of money will help you earn more (or at least in some cases lose less), now some people have the tendency to bet more because of two given scenarios: One, they’re on a losing streak and they feel like betting higher will help them get what they loss (spoiler alert: they don’t.) and two, they’re on a roll and they just want to see how much they can gamble before their lucky star passes by. Best piece of advice in the latter scenario is to learn when to stop and cash out, especially if you have already breakeven or even surpassed the amount you started with.

You look at your watch and you see that you’ve been playing for almost two hours. According to studies, the most advisable amount of time a person spends on gambling must only be around two hours before they start losing focus and their right judgment. After two hours of being around the tables or the slots, get up and take a walk, have bathroom break, grab some lunch or dinner or maybe if you think you’ve had enough, go home. This will not only improve your brain function by giving you ample time to recover and think of new strategies, you might even get lucky by returning while the table is hot. Lastly, in case it’s not yet obvious, drinking while gambling is strongly discouraged. Think of it as another casino strategy to get you to lose more cash. So next time you go in the casino remember the following: Number one, wear a watch. Two, come in with a plan, and three, say no to alcohol and just get yourself a nice cold glass of water.