How to Get the Best Value from an Auto Repair Shop

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Mechanics generally get an unfair reputation for being cunning and dishonest but the truth is a large majority of mechanics is actually professional and takes pride in their work. Still, there are a few bad apples which are why you need to be vigilant to ensure that you get the Chandler auto service that you are paying for. There are a few steps that can help you get the most for your money.

Know possible loopholes

There are a handful of ways dishonest mechanics can con you out of your hard earned cash. Add on repairs simply means that the mechanic may perform Chandler auto ac repair, but includes additional unnecessary repairs. On the other hand, phantom repairs refer to getting charged for repairs that were not performed at all.

Periodic maintenance is another way a dishonest mechanic can extort money from clients. In this case, the mechanic or auto shop sells maintenance packages that go well above the manufacturer’s recommendations. Lastly, you may be charged for maintenance that is covered in your warranty if you are not careful.

Get a written estimate

Insist on a written estimate before work can begin on your vehicle. Once you have a written estimate, the auto shop is required by law to inform you of any increment beyond 10 percent of the initial estimate. In states where this is not required by law, you can simply write a clause on the service ticket indicating that you should be informed should the quote increase by more than 10 percent for any reason.

Enquire about your parts

In most states, you can ask for your parts back. This is especially important for major Chandler automotive repair, and is a good way to ensure that the parts were indeed replaced. Inquiring about your parts also lets the mechanic know that you are not walking into the repairs blindly. It is also worth asking about the parts core value. This refers to certain parts that can be rebuilt or repaired before being sold on to the used-parts market. You should be able to get some money for parts that the mechanic would otherwise keep and later sell on the secondary market.

Know the labor rate

Ideally, the hourly labor rate should be clearly displayed at the auto shop. In addition to this, a labor table is used to estimate how many hours a specific type of job should take. This should give you a good idea of how much the repair or service is likely to cost, how long it is likely to take, and if you are being unfairly charged for labor.