How to Inspect a Used Car

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Before you check out used autos for sale in Tucson az, do some homework to find out what car models that you are most interested in. Think of what attributes in a car are most important for you. Whether it is fuel economy and safety, or hauling space and amenities, you can find your car types of interest before you go out to look at actual vehicles.


First Impression


Be on the lookout for anything that stands out to you on the first impression of your prospective automobile. If possible, have someone else with you to give you their unbiased opinion. Here are some tips to easily and quickly inspect prospective vehicles.




In a visual inspection, the body of the car will be the first thing that you notice. Do you see any scratches, rust or dents? Is the finish and paint color the same on every part of the vehicle? What you are looking for here are signs of damage or inadequate repairs.


A great trick for sniffing out body filler on a vehicle can be accomplished with a magnet. The magnet will not attach onto body filler like it will for the rest of the vehicle panels. Keep an eye out for rust. In addition to marring the body of the vehicle, it can reside in the bottom of door openings, wheel wells, and rocker panels. Advanced rust can signal instability of the outer structure of the vehicle.


Checking the tread on the tires is as easy as carrying a quarter with you. In order to be legal, tires need to have 1/16th of an inch of tread or more left on them. You can check the tread on the vehicle you are inspecting by inserting the quarter into the tread with George Washington’s head towards it. If the top of Washington’s head is visible, the tire is not adequate and needs to be replaced.




Make sure that the interior of the vehicle is comfortable for you by checking out both the driver and passengers’ seats. Make sure that all of the instrumentation lights in used autos for sale in Tucson az are operational and make sure that the vehicle starts readily and idles smoothly. Even though it may be summertime, check out the functionality of the heater as well as the air conditioner.




Although your mechanic can make a professional assessment of the engine, you can make some assessments on your own on used autos for sale in Tucson az to vet your automobile choices. Check out the hoses and belts to make sure that they are not brittle or cracked. Make sure the oil is at its proper level. The color of the radiator fluid should not be a rust or cream color.


Independent Assessment


When you find a vehicle that meets all of these standards, you can take it to your mechanic for a thorough inspection. The shop can run a complete diagnostic exam and alert you to any red flags or give you the green light to make a purchase of a quality vehicle from used automotive sales in Tucson az.