How to solve the problem of ball mill transmission device failure?

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The transmission device is one of the main parts of the SCM Ultrafine Mill . During the operation of the mill, there are some problems in the bite surface of the big and small gears, such as tooth surface wear, tooth break, scuffing and plastic deformation, namely the failure of the transmission device. After ****ysis, the transmission failure is related to the working environment and lubrication, gear installation, maintenance and manufacture. In solving the problem of transmission failure, different measures can be taken for different reasons.

Change the lubrication mode, change the artificial lubrication to automatic fuel injection lubrication. In addition to the choice of high quality and full gear gear lubrication requirements of the ball mill drive gear, it is also necessary to strengthen the monitoring of lubricating oil quality. In the operation, should strengthen the inspection and supervision of oil lubrication system of ball mill, to filter impurities and moisture, so as to ensure the lubrication effect, at the same time through the transmission gear will shield by semi open to closed, reduce dust particles into the gear meshing area of oil, to ensure the quality of lubricating oil. At the same time, the influence of seasonal temperature change on the viscosity of lubricating oil should be considered. Check the oil quantity in the tank regularly, check the connecting pipes, components and related seals

Installation according to installation standard strictly. Especially the gap in reverse gear should pay more attention to the radial and end surface measurement of the big gear ring runout, gear ring and cylinder after the installation of the concentricity, the big gear ring etc.. Then the "lead pressing method" is used to measure the backlash between the pinion and the pinion and the parallelism between the axis of the pinion and the center line of the cylinder, and the final test run can be carried out after all the tests have been qualified.

The equipment inspection system should be strictly enforced at ordinary times. The maintenance standard should be strictly enforced in maintenance to ensure the components meet the requirements of assembly size after overhaul. After running for a period of time, the key dimensions such as the gear clearance, the parallelism between the pinion axis and the center line of the cylinder, the coaxiality of the pinion shaft and the motor shaft, etc..

The lubrication system after the transformation, the lubricating oil evenly to the filling time quantitative lubricating parts, effectively control the oil consumption, both to ensure the oil supply is sufficient, but also avoid the oil shortage, also played a good shock absorption, impact resistance, prolonging the service life of the gears. With closed shield, it can reduce gear wear and prolong the service life of gear.