How to Speed Up Mac When It Performs Slowly?

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Mac definitely is a classic machine that performs faster in any setting, be in an office or home, Mac takes care of our digital life. A deeply rooted myth, that Mac take care of itself, nonetheless, this assumption is not true, we need to take care of Mac to perform better. Usually, it doesn’t happen every time but why should we wait? We are revealing the factors that hamper your Mac’s performance. Instead of calling Mac support phone number, read below instructions:

Observe the activity monitor-

`Generally, if you ask to any expert about slowness in the computer, he will surely suggest upgrading the RAM. But is it viable approach? The truth is, you may not able to boost up system performance after upgrading. Instead of quickly jumping into the conclusion, better understand the need of the system. Firstly, know whether you’re existing RAM is fully utilized or not? You can check it after watching activity monitoring to your system.

Open all application that you used frequently, this will allow you to check memory distribution of every application.

- Go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. Launch Activity monitor.

- Click on a tab named ‘Memory”

If you notice a lot of red on memory pressure, then surely, you need an additional RAM. If you want to ask any kind of technical question from experts, you can call at toll free Mac OS X Support Number 1-800-834-1377 for instant help.

Update operating system

Upgrade your OS with latest Apple OS in the market, obsolete OS brings a lot of loopholes in security, thus, it is better to upgrade. The new OS carries new virus definition programs, which enable the user to work in a high-security environment.

Un-install the application that are no longer needed

The app store has thousands of application, which we hardly think twice before we download it, over the time, it remains ideal in our hard disc, even we do not use it any longer. Un-install unused application and make a free space, you can also take third party software’s help for removing duplicated files and folders.

Use third party applications

Non-techy uses that have no exposure in technology can use third party application to vacate place in a Mac. Or if you don’t want to do it manually, take a help from free applications. There are plenty of junk cleaners are available in the market. If you look for instant help, you must call at toll free Mac Os X Support Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 to get online expert advice.

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