Introduction about Best Dermatologist in Madurai

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Good Morning Friends,   Have you ever visited Adityan's clinic in Madurai? If you are in Madurai, I will be damn sure that you have surely heard about DR.Adityan. He is the Best Dermatologist in Madurai. This hospital is in the main area of Madurai called Andalpuram. They are providing the best solution for hair and skin problems through high standard service and advanced techniques. A lot of Madurai people will have a pleasant experience with Adityan clinic's treatment.    First here I am going to give you a small introduction to the infrastructure of the hospital. The Adityan's clinic is in the place where you can travel with frequent buses and autos. People having cars can park in front of the hospital without any congestion. Today Madurai people are mostly traveling in share-autos. Frequent share-autos and buses will help you to reach hospitals with less travel fare.    The waiting hall for patients will be very comfortable with air condition and TV. You can see a large crowd that is always waiting for visiting our best dermatologist. The waiting hall will be comfortable for this large crowd. The staffs of reception will welcome and hear your queries with a huge smile. The labs and the room that doctor examine are fully air-conditioned. Dr.Adityan says that his aim is to provide his patients with high standard equipment and advanced techniques. Here Adityan clinic differs from other skin and hair care clinics. All highly advanced equipment is used in this hospitals for advanced services. You can understand the quality of the hospital by once visiting here.   Our Doctor is one of the specialists in skin and hair treatments in India. His credentials are listed here below.  
  • Gold Medal During M.D (D.V.L) Pg Degree.
  • Past Vice President Of Indian Association Of Dermatologists, Venereologists And Leprologists- Tamilnadu.
  • Many National Level Publications To His Name
  • First In India To Report 'Progressive Varicella Syndrome In Pediatric Aids'- And Won The Best Paper Of The Year Award In 2008.. The List Goes On! ...
  Once again I need to remember you that the Hospital will always contain a huge crowd and wait for doctor’s appointment. If you are in other districts than Madurai or in areas that are far from the hospital can get an online appointment. Once you visit this hospital, you can get great results for your skin and hair problems.    The Best Dermatologist in Madurai will provide you the best treatment for skin and hair treatment with high standard services. For further details, please visit (