Job oriented course after 12th standard

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After the completion of 12th standard, most of the student has the common question that which is the best course to build a successful career. Not only the student had a confusion the parents also get confused in choosing the best course of schooling. There are many career options available for the students. Choose the correct course is not like a cakewalk. The student needs to ****yse different types of courses and the career opportunities for the course. So the student can get a clear idea about the course.  This article helps the student to know about different types of courses and the career opportunities for each course.


Engineering is one of the best careers for the students who want to invent new things and want to learn about latest technologies. To get a good career in engineering the student needs to choose the best college for their studies. The student may attend the entrance exams like IIT-JEE, Gate and more. IIT Coaching, Gate Coaching Centres and IIT Coaching institutes will help you in the entrance preparation. There are many branches available in engineering course such as

•    Mechanical Engineering

•    Civil engineering

•    Electrical Engineering

•    Aeronautical Engineering

Scope of engineering course

•    Lecturer

•    Work in multinational Companies

•    Software Developer

•    System Designer

Medical Field

Students who have a great deal of service mind can choose the medical field. Medical is not at all an easy course like another course. Normally medical course has five years to complete. MBBS and BDS course is the major medical course chosen by the students. NEET, AIIMS is the medical Entrance examinations help the student to get an admission in the top medical colleges. The student may take a coaching for the medical entrance test from NEET Crash Course in Chennai, Best Medical Coaching institutes in India and AIIMS Coaching Centres.

Scope of Medical Courses

·         Nutritionist

·         Lecturer

·         They may start a new clinic

Bachelor of Science courses

Bachelor of Science is the best course preferred by most of the students. This course is only chosen by the students who study PCM or PCB in their school. The student gets good career opportunities in Bachelor of Science courses. This course may have different branches like

•    Mathematics

•    Chemistry

•    Physics