Key Ingredients for a Successful Website

In this age of globalisation, a web presence, especially to run a business successfully, is very important. While there are several tutorials to help you build a functional website, it needs an expert advice to customise it according to the brand image of your company.
Web design companies in Surrey are proficient in designing interesting websites that are engaging, comprehensive, informative, yet appealing.  
Trust comes only when the content is appealing. So, here are a few tips to design your website professionally:
Colours: Ensure that the website is not loud or ‘in your face’. That is not healthy for a professional look. Restrict to a minimal palette of colours that should be natural-toned. Only highlight the features that are important. This will help the reader to find the pages that you wish them to navigate to. You can use up to four colours maximum following web design best practices.
Pictures: Pictures add to the appeal of any website, but do not go overboard. The image size should not be too big or else it might hide the content. Better, consider having interactive pictures. Say for instance, a website on mobile phones can have the pictures of the brands that are being explained. Label the special features of a particular mobile phone and create drop-down informative boxes when one clicks on these features.  
Fonts: Be very careful about selecting the right fonts. If possible, try to understand whether the target audience is conservative or liberal in its acceptance of newer introductions. Stick to 3-4 conventional fonts in that way. However, if the client is open to experimenting, you can unleash your creativity.
User-friendliness: While all the parameters listed above form an integral part of user-friendliness, this had to be a separate topic since it deals with the navigation on the website. Often, a particular website becomes tough to navigate because of Ad pop-ups or unavailability of navigation bars. A fixed header is the solution here. This allows the visitor to navigate the website even when while scrolling down to the bottom.  
Regulate the pop-up bars as they are very irritating when the reader is into serious business. It is understandable if you have to introduce ads as they generate revenues for the website, in that case, ensure that they are relevant to the brand image of the site.  
Whitespace: Ensure that the website does not look cluttered. It should have margins and white spaces to guide the readers better - an over-stuffed website is difficult to navigate through.  
Take cues from the SEO companies in Surrey that advise of the readability and user friendliness on of a website. Companies offering website design in Surrey are a great talent pool, having the right skill sets to understand the demand of the clients.  
SEO in Guildford or London is fast picking-up traction with the local businesses. In fact, several surveys suggest that demand for web designing consultation is far higher than the available work force. Web designers are in high demand for any business looking to improve their online marketing.